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Apr 22, 2014 The fact that there is no proof that God exists is by design. This is a somewhat abstract, intellectual concept so see if you can follow. Many people can't 'get it There is this thing that we humans have called Free Will. Adam and Eve learned about it in the Garden of Eden and paid the price for the choice that Eve made.May 03, 2008  Best Answer: I don't think there is any objective truth that God exists, nor have I seen proof to show He doesn't. The only proof I have either way is my subjective experience of the peace and love I feel when I meditate on Him. Prayer brings me what Jews call shalom , a rare luxory in this world. I proof that god exists yahoo answers

Jan 02, 2012 Best Answer: It depends a little on your definition of God I would think. It is very easy to go all the way, left or right, on this subject, but doing so causes you to miss the point of religion entirely. Blind faith in a designdesigner or blind atheism exist, of course, but neither attitude is

Proof that god exists yahoo answers free

May 25, 2011 Until someone gives me proof that God exists, I'm going to be an Atheist for the rest of my life. And don't give me phrases from the bible and answers like GodJesus is inside you cause 1. ) He is not inside me and 2. ) That's pretty gay if he was

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