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Oct 22, 2015  Detailed diagram explaining how rainfall is caused when two contrasting air masses collide. This is the most common type of rainfall for the British Isles. TheFrontal rainfall is a type of condensation that occurs when a cold front meets a warm front. Warm air is less dense than cold air. When the two air masses meet, warm air is forced over the cold air, because it is less dense. When the air becomes fully saturated, rain begins to fall. frontal rainfall wikianswers

The type of rainfall experienced in the rainforests is called convectional rainfall. In this type of rainfall, the sun heats up the earth that leads in the warm rising of air which later condenses

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The United Kingdom experiences a lot of frontal rainfall, as it is associated with the movement of depressions over the country. Stage 1. An area of warm air meets and area of cold air. Stage 2. Stage 3. Where the air meets the warm air is cooled and water vapour condenses.

Frontal rainfall is when cool air and hot air meets together. the warm air rises above the cool air. the warm air eventually cools down and water vapour condenses then clouds forms and

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May 20, 2017 Frontal (or Cyclonic) Rain is caused by cyclonic activity and it occurs along the fronts of the cyclone. It is formed when two masses of air of different temperature, humidity and density meets. For example meeting of moisture laden warm tropical wind with a polar air mass. A layer separating them is called the front.

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