My computer is hacked yahoo answers

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May 10, 2010  best answer: first we need more detail as to what is happening to your computer but please do not listen to most of these people. hackers will hack into any computer to see what info they can get. if someone hacks into your computer they can look at yourApr 30, 2010 Recently, my computer informed me of a trojan virus. I get messages saying that I have a trojan everyday and then it gets deleted. However, a couple of them can't be deleted and require publisher permission. That trojan is causing the problem. Now, my computer has been hacked. I know because I usually use mozilla firefox and never use internet explorer. my computer is hacked yahoo answers

Jan 28, 2008  It slowing down, in case you have dents in it whilst somebody hit it, it malfunctions lots, and you downloaded some style of toolbar. On macs, contained in the Finder toolbar, circulate to circulatecuttingedge Folders and probably there is a few thing which you in

My computer is hacked yahoo answers free

Nov 26, 2012 So I was browsing the internet today, and all of a sudden like 4 or 5 new tabs opened up. My web browser stopped responding. . so I was just like okay cool I'll just wait a few minutes and then X out all the unnecessary tabs . BUT THEN an FBI warning thing came up and claimed that I had to use 200 and whatever I did would be fixed within up to 48 hours.

Jun 27, 2009  my computer is hacked. a name with 'system security' software which i have not downloaded and is there in my computer showing me that there are many viruses in my pc and warning me again and again about spyware infections and many other viruses and also changed my desktop wallpaper with a warning page telling that your Pc is not secured and is infected with spyware. it wants

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Apr 25, 2017 Yahoo Canada Answers Is my computer hacked? I was doing a google search today and while I went scrolling down I saw that on google (on Safari) my location was different than it was today. It said where I was which was my location, and all of a sudden later on it said that I am in a different place, actually a place that is 1 HR away from me

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